List of Harry Potter Spells 

  • Accio:  Brings an object to you
  • Aguament: i Creates a gush of water from the tip of the spell caster’s wand
  • Alohomora:  Opens locks
  • Aparecium:  Makes invisible ink become visible
  • Avada Kedavra:  The Unforgivable Curse; Kills your opponent; taken from “Abra Cadabra”
  • Avifors:  Turns things into birds
  • Avis:  Makes birds fly out of the end of your wand
  • Bombarda:  Causes a small, locally contained explosion. To make a bigger explosion, one could use “bombarda maxima”
  • Colloportus:  Closes a door and binds it so that it can’t be opened.
  • Confringo:  AKA the Blasting Curse; Causes the item targeted to explode
  • Confundus:  Confounds your target, or makes them temporarily confused
  • Conjunctivitis:  Damages the eyesight of your opponent, making them seem to have pink eye
  • Crucio:  The Second Unforgivable Curse, the Cruciatus Curse; Tortures your opponent mercilessly
  • Deletrius:  Erases the last spell cast by a wand so that it can’t be discovered
  • Densaugeo:  Makes teeth grow out of control
  • Diffindo:  Makes seams split open, severs an object into two pieces
  • Dissendium:  Opens a specific passageway into a cellar, may be useful in other instances; may be only a password
  • Duro:  Turns an item to stone.
  • Enervate:  Mistaken spell. Changed to Rennervate. Used to wake up a stunned person
  • Engorgio:  Makes an item larger, as in swollen
  • Episkey:  Heals relatively minor wounds.
  • Evanesco:  Causes an item to immediately dissolve away, as if it had never existed
  • Expecto Patronum:  Creates Patronus
  • Expelliarmus:  Disarms the target of the spell, such as knocking their wand out of their hand
  • Fera Verto:  Transforms animals into water goblets!
  • Ferula:  Binds a broken limb with a splint and bandages, tightly wrapped
  • Fidelius:  Allows a secret to be hidden within the secret keeper’s soul; very powerful spell
  • Finite Incantatem:  Stops any spell
  • Flagrate:  Allows the user to write or draw in the air with fire
  • Flipendo:  Also knows as the Knockback Jinx, pushes or flips something backwards
  • Furnunculus:  Causes a person to break out in boils
  • Geminio:  Creates a duplicate of an item (a twin, as in the zodiacal sign Gemini).
  • Homorphus:  Man-Shape; makes a werewolf or person disguised as an animal resume their human shape
  • Immobulus:  Immobilizes the target
  • Impedimenta:  Puts up an impediment that slows down something or someone that is coming toward you
  • Imperio:  The third unforgivable curse. Allows the user to assume complete control of another person
  • Impervius:  Repels water from a surface
  • Incarcerous:  Conjures up ropes, which then bind an opponent
  • Incendio:  Lights a fire
  • Legilimens:  Allows the user to gain access to another’s mind and memories
  • Levicorpus:  Turns your opponent upside down and dangles them in thin air
  • Liberacorpus:  “Liberates”, or frees a body that has been caught up by the levicorpus spell
  • Locomotor Mortis:  The Leg-Locker Curse; locks an opponent’s legs together
  • Lumos:  Creates light, usually by making the tip of the wand glow. More light can be created using “lumos maxima”
  • Mobiliarbus:  Used to move a tree from one place to another
  • Mobilicorpus:  Used to move a body from one place to another
  • Morsmordre: or Morsmorde Used to summon the Dark Mark
  • Muffliato:  Causes a buzzing noise to surround a limited area so that those in the area can carry on a private conversation
  • Nox:  Extinguishes light, used to douse the light created by “Lumos”
  • Obliviate:  Makes a person “oblivious”, erasing their memories of an event
  • Orchideous:  Conjures a bunch of flowers from the user’s wand
  • Petrificus Totalus:  Total petrification; petrifies an opponent totally
  • Point Me:  The Four Point Spell; makes the user’s wand act like a compass
  • Portus:  Turns any item into a Portkey, which can then be used to transport a person or persons to another location.
  • Prior Incantato:  Reveals to you the last spell that a wand was used to cast
  • Protego:  Protects the user, and sends a spell back on an opponent
  • Quietus:  Makes things quiet, used to muffle “Sonorus”
  • Reducio:  Shrinks an item
  • Reducto:  Blasts solid objects into pieces
  • Relashio:  Releases something from being constrained or held
  • Rennervate:  Was originally “ennervate”, but corrected by author; means to energize or wake up
  • Reparo:  Repairs broken items
  • Repello:  Repels something
  • Repello Muggletum:  Makes an area invisible to Muggles
  • Revelio:  Causes something that is hidden to be revealed
  • Rictusempra:  Causes a person to curl up in laughter, as if being tickled
  • Riddikulus:  Makes a boggart assume a “ridiculous” form, thereby making it funny instead of terrifying
  • Salvio Hexia:  Unclear; seems to strengthen other protective spells, or to deflect any hexes cast toward a specific location
  • Scourgify:  Used to clean dirt or other material off of a surface
  • Sectumsempra:  Causes lacerations to appear all over an opponent’s body, as if they had been cut by an invisible sword
  • Serpensortia:  Conjures a snake
  • Silencio:  Makes the target of the spell unable to make any sound.
  • Sonorus:  Amplifies the user’s voice
  •  Stupefy Stupefies an opponent, or knocks them insensible temporarily
  • Tarantallegra:  Forces an opponent’s legs to dance uncontrollably
  • Tergeo:  Scours something clean
  • Waddiwasi:  Removes a stuck object, as in a wad of gum that is stuck in a keyhole
  • Wingardium Leviosa:  Allows the user to make an object levitate

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